Sugar Shack Bakery

By Goodies A Go-Go


M A D E   T O   O R D E R

We are honored to offer NEW hot breakfast items to all our favorite people!

We are even more so dedicated to bringing perfection to your plate, which means we make to order.

While we will always strive for speedy AND fresh, our main goal is to serve the best breakfast possible (After all, it IS the most important meal of the day!)

This often means that we are cracking your eggs, toasting your biscuit, cooking your bacon (you get the drift) WHEN you order.

Please allow us the time to craft your dream breakfast, and allow your self the time to sit and enjoy it properly!

And don’t worry, we still have all your favorite pastries available to grab and go on those busy mornings when you just gotta run!

Come let us serve you a delicious start to your day!

Our Difference

We are a small family-owned bakery & it shows

Freshly Baked Goods

Desserts Made Daily

Looking to Order Something Special?